Malawi Integrated HIV Program Report 2021 Q2

Program performance highlights by the end of June 2021 include:

  • Scale-up of integrated HIV services had reached the following number of sites:
    • 727 static and 158 outreach HIV testing sites.
    • 763 (static) ART sites; 609 of these started at least one pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
    • 699 sites with HIV-exposed children in follow-up.
  • 655,092 persons were tested for HIV by a trained provider and received their results; 125,628 (29%) accessed HIV testing for the first time; 529,427 (81%) were repeat testers and 22,876 (4%) of these received confirmatory testing (after having tested positive in the past). 19,509 (3.1%) clients received a positive result for the first time1.
  • A total of 121,505 people received 201,156 self-test kits; 91,266 (45%) of these were for use by the recipient and 109,890 (55%) for onward distribution to sex partners or other people.
  • 21,970 (98%) of 22,424 blood units collected were screened for (at least) HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis.
  • A cumulative total of 2,777 clients were referred for PrEP eligibility screening and 2,120 (93%) were found eligible. 1,981 (93%) were enrolled on PrEP. 1,711 (87%) of all clients ever started were retained on PrEP at the end of the quarter.
  • 150,647 (97%) of 156,053 women at ANC had their HIV status ascertained; 8,603 (6%) of these were HIV positive. 130,346 (95%) of 137,419 at maternity had their HIV status ascertained 8,470 (6%) of these were HIV positive. • 19,441 patients started ART this quarter; 79% were classified as asymptomatic / in WHO stage 1 and started under the “Test & Treat” policy.

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