Malawi Spectrum AIM 2024

To view results of the Malawi 2024 National AIM, download the "Malawi_2024_National_HIV_estimates_Spectrum_AIM_model" digest file from our website and open it within Spectrum.

If the HIV Spectrum has not been installed on your machine, download the latest version of the Spectrum app from Avenir Health website on the following link and save it on your hard disk.

Spectrum will run on any computer running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11. The application requires about 500MB of hard disk space.

Once Spectrum is downloaded from the internet, double click on the file named “SpecInstallAIM2021.exe”. This will start the installation program. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

If you have trouble installing Spectrum you may not have permission to install programs on your computer. In that case, contact your IT office to install Spectrum for you.

After installing Spectrum, check your computer to make sure you have Java version 8 installed on your system. The easiest way to determine which version of Java you have is to click on the Windows start menu, select ‘All Apps’, click on Java and select ‘About Java’. If you do not have version 8 (or do not have Java), please download or update the software at

Next, make sure that Windows can find Java on your computer. To do this, start Spectrum and open your country file. Select Modules from the Spectrum menu and click the AIM icon to display the AIM menu. Select Incidence and Configuration (EPP). If EPP starts after a few seconds, then you are ready to use EPP.

If it does not start, then you need to tell Windows where to find Java. To do that select File and Options. Click the box next to Use custom java.exe to add a check mark. Then click the button Select java.exe. This will open Windows Explorer. You need to indicate the location of the java.exe file.

To find it select the C: drive, then click Program Files (x86), then Java, then click the folder for the most recent release of Java, then click bin, and, finally, click java.exe. This location will be saved so that Spectrum will always be able to find Java. If you update your version of Java, you will need to repeat this process to ensure Spectrum has the latest Java location.

Upon successful installation of the latest spectrum file, open the Malawi_2024_National_HIV_estimates_Spectrum_AIM_model" digest file from within the Spectrum

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