Malawi Integrated HIV Program Report 2012 Q1

This is the third quarterly HIV Program report after implementation of the 2011 Integrated Clinical HIV Guidelines1 in July 2011. A summary of the key achievements between January and March 2012 is provided below:

  • Scale-up of integrated HIV services had reached the following number of sites:

    • 810 HTC sites (565 within and 245 outside of health facilities)

    • 595 (static) ART sites

    • 528 PMTCT sites (Option B+)

    • 504 Pre-ART sites

    • 493 sites with HIV-exposed child follow-up

  • 440,763 persons were tested and counselled for HIV and 47,629 (11%) were HIV positive;186,487 (42%) people tested for the first time.

  • 128,959 (76%) of 169,251 women at ANC had their HIV status ascertained; 10,959 (8%) of these were HIV positive and 8,344 (76%) of these were known to have received ARVs.

  • 94,847 (85%) of 111,536 women at maternity had their HIV status ascertained;9,109 (10%) of these were HIV positive and 7,203 (79%) of these received ARVs during labour.

  • 7,977 (9%) of infants discharged alive from maternity were known to be HIV exposed, 7,177 (90%) of these received ARV prophylaxis. 3,482 (44%) were enrolled in exposed child followup before age 2 months.

  • 11,701 women started ART under Option B+: 7,223 (62%) were pregnant and 4,478 (38%) were breastfeeding.

  • 33,336 patients started ART during this quarter; this is a slight decrease from the previous quarter, showing that the most of the ‘backlog’ of patients who became eligible due to the change of the guidelines have now started ART. The program is moving again towards a more steady state for new ART initiations.

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