Malawi Integrated HIV Program Report 2011 Q3

This is the first quarterly HIV Program report after implementation of the 2011 Integrated Clinical HIV Guidelines1 in July 2011. A summary of the key achievements between July and September 2011 is provided below:

  • Scale-up of integrated HIV services had reached the following number of sites:

    • 810 HTC sites (547 within and 263 outside of health facilities)

    • 409 (static) ART sites

    • 317 PMTCT sites (Option B+)

    • 225 Pre-ART sites

    • 193 sites with HIV-exposed child follow-up

  • 381,816 persons tested and counselled for HIV, 165,580 (43%) of these tested for the first time.

  • 120,201 (74%) of 162,187 women at ANC had their HIV status ascertained; 10,336 (9%) of these were HIV positive and 8,277 (78%) of these received ARVs.

  • 115,103 (91%) of 126,514 women at maternity had their HIV status ascertained; 9,192 (8%) of these were HIV positive and 8,127 (88%) of these received ARVs during labour.

  • 8,509 (8%) of infants discharged alive from maternity were known to be HIV exposed, 7,758 (91%) of these received ARV prophylaxis.

  • 3,244 women started ART under Option B+: 1,847 (52%) were pregnant and 1,394 (48%) were breastfeeding.

  • 24,638 patients started ART during this quarter; this is 30% more than in any other quarter since the start of the ART program in 2004.

  • 79% of adults and 79% of children were retained alive on ART 12 months after ART initiation.

  • 295,962 patients were alive and on ART by end of September 2011; 4,384 (1.5%) were on ART regimen 5A (tenofovir / lamivudine / efavirenz)

  • 3,596 HIV exposed children and 8,594 pre-ART patients enrolled for follow-up in HIV Care Clinics (HCC)

  • 2,856 health workers were trained in the new integrated PMTCT/ART curriculum during Q3, bringing the total number of health workers re-trained in the new guidelines to 3,366. All training details were captured in the new national HIV training data base (TrainSMART) at MOH.

  • 266 new HTC providers were trained during Q3 and 25 qualified HTC providers received further skills training in couples counselling.

  • 20 new STI providers were trained during Q3.

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