HIV drug resistance testing application form (version2, 2022)

  • This form is used for requesting the National HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) Expert Committee Patients to review a patient with confirmed viral failure for potential drug resistance testing. Patients on DTG- and PI-based regimens who don’t re-suppress below 1000 copies/ml after an initial high VL despite good adherence need a genotype sample for resistance testing.
  • Contact the HIVDR Expert Committee, either through the Department of HIV, STI and Viral Hepatitis, or by sending an email to
  • Follow the instructions on the application form and ensure that the application form is completely filled before sending it to the expert committee.
  • The expert committee will advise if a genotype sample needs to be collected. Genotyping is only possible if the current VL is 1000+ and will be more reliable from 5000+.
  • The genotype result can only be interpreted correctly if the patient has been taking their ARVs consistently for 2-3 months before the sample was collected.
  • Maintain the current regimen until genotyping results are available.
  • Follow the regimen recommendations from the National HIVRDR expert committee.

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